i-CAT for Orthodontics

Low Dose Scan for Orthodontics

Gather original orthodontic examinations and progress scans with lower dose in just 4.8 seconds. Gain information dire to treatment through a clinically responsible approach that controls radiation exposure to the patient. i-CAT®’s flexible settings allow you to choose customized fields of view for larger or direct areas of interest. Use the lower dose 4.8 second scan in orthodontics to capture more information in thorough 3D images while managing radiation dose.

Optimize Treatment

• Plans with Greater Accuracy & Better Clinical Tools
• Gather All Original Records in a Single Scan
• Capture very accurate 3D views to evaluate teeth, roots, TMJ, airway, and sinuses without intensification or distortion.
• Improve practice productivity by capturing a complete diagnosis in less than 10 seconds.

Understand Exact Tooth Position and Relationship of Anatomy

Precise root angulations and find extra teeth and their precise locations to communicate clinically correct information to oral surgeons to facilitate extraction and avoid exploratory surgery.

Duplicate TAD placements using the convenient anchor pin library. Impressionless models increase accuracy while saving time, labor and space in the modern dental practice. Quickly and easily compile all the available images into a virtual study model service complete with crowns, roots, developing teeth, impactions and alveolar bone. With just one click, create 3D cephalometric analysis that also yields full traditional 2D analysis.

Powerful Treatment Tools

Take planning a step further with additional treatment modules. Use the lower dose 4.8 second scan in orthodontics to capture dramatically more information in detailed 3D images while managing radiation dose.

Maximum Clinical and Dose Control

i-CAT’s adaptable settings allow you to select customized fields of view for broader or targeted areas of interest. i-CAT allows you to gather more information in order to map the most effective, and least invasive, treatment plan for the best possible tooth realignment.